Live Answering Service for Australian Business.

Professional Live Answering & Messaging Services

Our Live Phone Answering Service operators answer your calls in your business name in the same way as your own receptionist sitting in your own office would. This helps to ensure a professional image for your business at all times.

Our virtual receptionist operators are all professionally trained, based in our Australia call centres, and available to answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including public holidays).

Our virtual offices are located around Australia (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth). We provide you with a dedicated "local" number for your live answering service based on your business location(s).

Redirect your home, business and mobile calls (including 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers) to your live answering service number as required, for example outside of normal office hours, when your phone is busy or not answering, or even 24/7.

A Summary of Our Live Phone Answering Services

Messages 24/7™

Get your phones answered 24/7 by a real person starting from just $29 per month!

With our Messages 24/7 service, a virtual receptionist answers calls in your business name, and then takes a message that is forwarded to you immediately via email, SMS and web-based customer portal.

There will always be times when you're not available to answer the phone: especially if you're a sole trader. With Messages 24/7, virtual receptionist operators will answer ALL of your calls in a professionally and friendly manner. [Read more…]

Team Messenger™

Our virtual receptionist operators answer calls and take messages for multiple people/departments within your business.

With Team Messenger, calls are answered in your business name by our team of professionally-trained, Australian-based virtual receptionist operators. They provide callers with a professional and friendly first image of your business, and then take a message, which is immediately forwarded to the relevant person or department via SMS, email, and web-based customer portal. [Read more…]

Reception Connect™

The closest thing to having your own receptionist! Calls are answered in your business name, and then connected through to you (or a message taken if you're not available).

Reception Connect provides the added benefit that you can talk for as long as you like. All live answering calls you receive through Reception Connect are UNTIMED! This includes calls connected to you via your landline or mobile phone.

Our professionally-trained, Australian-based virtual receptionist operators are there 24/7 to answer calls in your business name. They can connect incoming calls to you, a member of your team, or a department in your business.

If the person or department is not available, or receptionist takes a message, which is then forwarded to the appropriate person or department via SMS, email, and web-based customer portal. [Read more…]

Your personalised Live Telephone Answering Service will

  • present and maintain a professional image for your business
  • be up and running quickly (usually same business day)
  • help to increase business (up to 80% of first-time callers simply hang up and call one of your competitors!)
  • give you the option of offering telephone assistance outside of normal business hours
  • make your business appear larger (many callers will assume you have a full-time receptionist)
  • eliminate the risk of having your business calls answered in an unprofessional manner
  • eliminate stress suffered by untrained people (e.g. family) who may be required to answer your business calls
  • save the costs of employing office staff
  • save on the overhead costs of your business
  • eliminate the time involved and the worry of hiring and training reception staff
  • give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on doing what you do best: running your business
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