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Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging refers to the integration of different electronic messaging and communications services including email, fax and voicemail.

Our Unified Messaging includes the following services:

These unified messaging services enable you to receive your faxes and voice messages from anywhere you have email access, including your computer and smartphone.

How does it work?

When you apply a Voice2Email (Voice to Email) or Fax2Email (Fax to Email) service, we allocate you a local Voice2Email/Fax2Email number for your exclusive use from our pool of telephone numbers Australia wide (in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth).

This number is linked to your personal mailbox on our Unified Messaging System. We configure your mailbox to be either a voice or fax messaging system.

Receive faxes directly via email: no fax machine required!

Professional Fax to Email services

When we receive a fax at your dedicated Fax2Email number, we save it as a .tif or .pdf file, and then attach it to an email which is immediately sent to your designated email address.

To view your faxes, you simply double-click the attached file (note that you'll require the appropriate software to view these files).

Send emails directly from your email account: no fax machine required!

Email to Fax services from Virtual Office Services Australia

Sending a fax is as easy as sending an email attachment:

  1. Attach the document that you want to fax to an email.
  2. Send the email to a special email address we provide you with, and include the recipient's fax number in the email field, For example, [Recipient's phone number]
  3. Send the email.

We'll send you a confirmation email once your fax has been successfully sent from our fax server.

When we receive a voice message at your dedicated Voice2Email number, we save it as a .wav file, and then attach it to an email which is immediately sent to your designated email address.

To listen to your message, you simply double-click the attached file (note that you'll require the appropriate software to listen to these files).

Voice2Email has the major benefit over traditional Voicemail that you are notified immediately when you receive a message (no need to log in to traditional voicemail systems to check whether anyone has called).

Our Voice2Email service provides the following options:

  • Record a personalised welcome message or use our standard greeting.
  • Re-record your personalised welcome message at any time (via phone).
  • Redirect your home phone, office phone, mobile phone, 1300 number or 1800 number to your dedicated Voice2Email number.
  • Redirect calls to your Voice2Email number when your normal line is busy or there is no answer.

Recorded Information/Announcement
& Caller Response

If you need to repeat the same information over and over to callers, a Voice2Email service combined with a dedicated 1300 or 1800 number provides an effective, time saving and economical way of promoting your product or service.

This combination of services could be likened to an answering machine on which you can record a long greeting (your announcement).

You simply record your announcement as a greeting on your Voice2Email service.

Callers to your 1300 or 1800 number listen to your Voice2Email announcement, and then have the option to leave a short message and their contact details. You can then have these messages sent to at a dedicated email address.

This service is also ideal for running competitions.

From $23.50 per month. $29 set-up

Pricing Plans for Fax2Email & Voice2Email

Plan Monthly Account Fee Included Each Additional Minute
Fax/Voice Lite $9.50 1000 min 15c
Fax/Voice Pro $29 5000 min 10c
Fax2Email Virtual
Office Bundle*
N/A 100 pages 20c
Email2Fax# $0 0 min 25c

Setup is $10. There is no minimum term, simply pay month to month. 1 calendar month notice required to cancel. Minutes included on Incoming services are timed on the length of the call (an average fax page takes approx 45 secs to transmit depending on content). Prices relate to the use of these services only. All fees exclude GST.

* Fax2Email services are also available as part of Alltel's Virtual Office Services bundle. The Fax2Email component of the Virtual Office bundle is not available for separate purchase.
# Email2Fax is NOT a stand-alone service and is available ONLY when Fax2Email is also ordered. Each outgoing minute is timed on the length of the call from our fax server to recipient.

*Appropriate computer/smartphone software is required for these services.

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